1. The carnival is over (5)

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  2. The carnival is over (4)

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  3. The carnival is over (3)

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  4. The carnival is over (2)

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  5. So - looking for some advice

    J. and I were invited to a wedding next month and won’t be able to make it. 

    We’re thinking about hiring a clown or clowns to represent us at the ceremony.

    They wouldn’t say anything. Just be there, in full make-up, on the groom’s side.

    I think the result will be one of these:

    a - Utter hilarity

    b - Utter terror

    c - We ruined their magical day.

    Personally, I’m fine with any of these but we thought we’d reach out and get some other opinions.  Fire away. 

  6. The carnival is over (1)

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  7. so, J. and I been drinkin’. Yay drinkin’. And I think you all are the best. Yay creators and artists an’ photogtraphers and the rest. Ya tumblr and drinkin’. Yay.  

  8. imitation mini pork pork 

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  9. Patterns shapes and lines 

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  10. Water Wall

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